Bit Rivals Adds Former Chief of Operations at FireStarter Launchpad to the Squad

Bit Rivals
3 min readMar 27, 2024

Bit Rivals is bringing former Chief of Operations at FireStarter Launchpad and business development expert, Jorge Hernandez, onto its advisory board in preparation for project launch and IDO.

Introducing our newest member, Jorge Hernandez, the former Chief of Operations at FireStarter Launchpad.

Introducing our newest member, Jorge Hernandez, the former Chief of Operations at FireStarter Launchpad.We’ve introduced you to Jotham Ndugga-Kabuye, Twitch’s Head of Social Media — now it’s time to meet the next member of the Bit Rivals team, Jorge Hernandez, the former Chief of Operations at FireStarter Launchpad.

What FireStarter’s Former Chief of Operations Brings to the Rivalry

With a strong background in business development, launchpad development and strategy, and blockchain integration at FireStarter Launchpad, Jorge is going to make an immediate impact for Bit Rivals in three ways:

  • Developing Bit Rivals into a Web3 Powerhouse — As the former Chief of Operations at FireStarter Launchpad, one of the first native launchpads on the Polygon network, Jorge has unique experience in business development and growth that grew the platform to a daily trading volume of over $500,000 and can elevate Bit Rivals even further in the world of Web3.
  • Leveraging Launchpads for Long-Term Growth — Having worked and built relationships with numerous launchpads over the course of his career, Jorge has the connections Bit Rivals needs to secure not only a successful launch and IDO, but also ensure the strategic success of its own incubation platform for community-oriented Web3 and Web2 gaming projects, RivalStarter.
  • Expanding Bit Rivals’ Network of Blockchain-Integrated Partner Games — As an avid gamer and industry expert in the Web3 gaming space, Jorge offers Bit Rivals strong relationships that can be the foundation of partnerships between our projects and aspiring Web3 and Web2 developers with projects that put the player first, just like our one-of-a-kind, play-to-earn ecosystem.

Jorge is Guiding Bit Rivals to Long-Term Growth and Continued Development

Bit Rivals is already taking its next step forward with Jorge, starting by:

  • Growing Bit Rivals’ Game-Changing Platform and Ecosystem — Jorge is already bringing his experience to the forefront of Bit Rivals’ long-term growth and development, assisting in forming connections with potential venture capitalists, investors, and corporate partners that will take Bit Rivals to the next level.
  • Informing Bit Rivals’ Launchpad Strategy and Development — Using his unique knowledge of the industry from his time at FireStarter Launchpad, Jorge is helping Bit Rivals to build connections with the launchpads that will set the project up not only for a successful launch and IDO, but for sustained, long-term growth and development, along with developing a strong foundation for RivalStarter, Bit Rivals’ own launchpad for aspiring Web2 and Web3 gaming projects.
  • Building Industry Connections to Grow Bit Rivals’ Partnerships — Bit Rivals is already meeting with several key content creators and game developers within the Web3 and traditional gaming space thanks to Jorge’s strong connections in the industry, and we’ll continue to grow our network of supported games and integrate more AAA and Web2 titles into the blockchain.

Time is Running Out Before Bit Rivals’ Airdrop and Launch!

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The future is bright for Bit Rivals, and for the Web3 future of gaming. For the players!