Bit Rivals Adds Former Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Dark Fusion Technology to Accelerate Platform Development

Bit Rivals
3 min readApr 29, 2024

Bit Rivals is adding Dominic Obojkovits, as a Senior Software Engineer to accelerate the development of its platform.

Dominic Obojkovits is joining Bit Rivals as a Senior Software Engineer to accelerate Bit Rivals’ ecosystem.

Bit Rivals is proud to announce the addition of Dominic Obojkovits, former Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Dark Fusion Technology, as our Senior Software Engineer accelerating the development of our revolutionary, AI-powered platform that’s powering the future of web3 gaming.

What Dark Fusion Technology’s Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Brings to the Rivalry

As one of the most-seasoned developers pioneering the future of crypto and blockchain technology over the last decade, Dominic brings a wealth of experience to our project and platform, including:

An Unrivaled Technical Skillset — As the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Dark Fusion Technology, Dominic led the first significant breakthrough in dApp and token development on the Bitcoin network, pioneering the development of Simple Contract Language (SCL) that created the first new developer deployable token standard and Decentralized Exchange on the Bitcoin blockchain. At Bit Rivals, he’ll be leveraging his unrivaled expertise in token and dApp development to accelerate the technical growth and development of our one-of-a-kind, player-first platform, ecosystem, and token.

A Proven Track Record with the Biggest Names in Gaming — During his time as an entrepreneur in the world of game development, Dominic worked with two of the biggest names in the gaming world, Nintendo and Microsoft, delivering success after success. At Bit Rivals, he’ll transition that success to working with world-class AAA developers, such as Riot Games and Activision Blizzard, along with the next-generation of player-favorite indie and Web3 games.

A Passion for Bridging Traditional and Web3 Gaming — From developing groundbreaking innovations in cross-chain technology, consensus algorithms, and digital asset management, to building traditional gaming titles including Pixel Boy and Damascus, Dominic has demonstrated a passion for bringing the best and latest technology into the world of traditional gaming. He’s the perfect fit for Bit Rivals, the one-of-a kind, AI-powered platform that’s bridging the gap between traditional gamers and the future of Web3 play-to-earn gaming.

New Developments are on the Horizon for Bit Rivals

With the launch of our brand-new Discover page, and the addition of Dominic to our skilled development team, Bit Rivals is accelerating the growth of our platform, with plans to bring on dozens of new games daily to give players even more ways to earn.

Moreover, we’re continuing to bridge the gap between traditional gamers and the future of web3 gaming by refining and developing our earning layer2 blockchain solution that seamlessly integrates AAA, indie, and web3 games, regardless of chain or platform.

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