Bit Rivals Adds Twitch’s Head of Social Media to the Team

Bit Rivals
3 min readMar 23, 2024

Bit Rivals is adding Twitch’s Head of Social Media, Jotham Ndugga-Kabuye, to its advisory board in preparation for its launch and IDO.

Bit Rivals is bringing on Twitch’s Head of Social Media to manage the project’s continuing growth with popular gaming streamers and influencers.

It’s time to announce the latest addition to our project’s advisory board that will help guide Bit Rivals to a legendary launch, Twitch’s Head of Social Media and Senior Director of Marketing, Jotham Ndugga-Kabuye.

What Twitch’s Head of Social Media Brings to the Rivalry

Jotham is the perfect addition to the Bit Rivals team, bringing more than a decade of experience in growing audiences and building communities at Fortune 500 companies including Pepsi Co. and Oracle. Jotham will bring value to Bit Rivals by:

  • Building Connections with Streamers and Content Creators: With more than four years of experience at Twitch as the Head of Social Media, Jotham has built strong connections with Twitch’s platform of content creators that reach millions of viewers each and every day. Leveraging Jotham’s expertise and relationships with small, medium, and large streamers, Bit Rivals will become the next trending project among gamers and Web3 enthusiasts alike.
  • Visibility With Users and Investors: Before joining Twitch, Jotham had more than a decade of senior marketing experience with household brands such as Oracle, Pepsi, Adweek, and Impossible Foods. As we look to take our project to the next level, Jotham brings his unrivaled ability to build our brand awareness, visibility, and reputation among leaders in the Web3 and gaming space.
  • Driving Partnerships with Major Retailers in the Gaming Space to Level Up Rival Rewards: Jotham has developed and grown partnerships between major brands and projects in the gaming space. Through his experience, Bit Rivals can start to forge partnerships with leading gaming brands like Corsair, Razer, and Logitech to provide even more incredible rewards to our platform’s users as we continue to expand with new Web3 and AAA titles.

Jotham is Helping Bit Rivals Build the Future of Web3 Gaming

The future is bright for Bit Rivals, with three developments already underway in the near future, including:

  • Developing a Network of Streamers to Promote Bit Rivals: Using Jotham’s strong connections and partnerships at Twitch, Bit Rivals is already building a community of trending gaming streamers to get our platform in front of millions of new users and investors. The official streamer brand ambassador program is starting very soon.
  • Building a Larger Digital Community of Gaming Enthusiasts: Leveraging Jotham’s experience in building strong social media communities across a variety of unique platforms, we’ll be reaching over 100,000 followers on Twitter and adding thousands of more engaged users to our Telegram and Discord channels and making them a part of the rivalry.
  • Connecting with Corporate Leaders in the Gaming Space: Bit Rivals is already in talks with major companies in the gaming space to provide gamers with even more physical rewards in Rival Raffles, along with Web3 earnings in $RIVAL. With Jotham’s corporate experience and history in negotiating winning partnerships, we expect to add several corporate partners that will take our one-of-a-kind play-to-earn platform to the next level.

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This is just the beginning for Bit Rivals. For the players!