Bit Rivals is Airdropping Over 550,000 $RIVAL Tokens

Bit Rivals
4 min readMar 6, 2024

Bit Rivals is airdropping 550,000 $RIVAL, with the campaign starting right now! Here’s what you need to know to make sure you get yours.

If there’s one thing every gamer loves, it’s loot. Whether it’s finding a legendary Striker AR in a chest outside Pleasant Plaza or unlocking a brand new skin for your favorite League of Legends champion, nothing quite beats the feeling of getting the drop of a lifetime. Today, Bit Rivals is taking its loot beyond legendary, offering every gamer, investor, and Web3 enthusiast a chance to earn their share of 550,000 $RIVAL tokens. So, what are you waiting for?

How to Earn Your Share of 550,00 $RIVAL Tokens in Bit Rivals’ Airdrop

Bit Rivals is giving you four unique ways to earn $RIVAL throughout its airdrop campaign: playing your favorite games on the Bit Rivals’ platform and engaging with the project on X, Discord, Telegram, and its socials using Galxe, Gleam, and QuestN.

Complete Achievements Using Galxe to Earn Points and Climb the Engagement Leaderboard

Complete tasks on Galxe to start earning points and climb the leaderboard for a larger airdrop of $RIVAL:

  • Engage with Bit Rivals on Telegram, Discord, Twitter, and through the Bit Rivals App — Become a part of the community that’s centered on bringing the best of gaming and Web3 together into a unique, AI-powered platform that rewards players just for playing the games they already know and love. Join our communities, engage with our posts and with other games and Web3 enthusiasts, and use the Bit Rivals app to start earning points towards amazing rewards.
  • Complete Each Weekly Campaign to Level-Up Your Rewards — Every week, you can complete a series of engagement, community, and platform-related tasks that help you earn even more points and boost your standing in the leaderboard, giving you an even larger share of our already massive airdrop.
  • Be a Real User — Nobody likes bots, unless you’re beating them on Summoners’ Rift. You’ll earn points just by verifying that you’re a real member of our community and an active user on our platform.

Get Your Gleam Grind On to Earn Points and a Larger Share of $RIVAL

Just like you can earn points by engaging with Bit Rivals through Galxe, you can also complete a variety of social, community, and engagement-oriented tasks to earn even more points on the leaderboard using Gleam. Every task you complete in Galxe, Gleam, and QuestN will earn you points that will be added together to create the final standings and allocate your portion of the airdrop, so be sure to check it out so you don’t miss out on your $RIVAL!

Start Your Quest by Completing the Tasks on QuestN to Increase Your Earnings

You can also earn points to climb the leaderboard just by completing the tasks on our QuestN, which includes joining our socials, interacting with our unique community of gamers and Web3 enthusiasts, and engaging with our content across YouTube, Medium, Twitter, and more! Be sure to visit our QuestN to get started so you don’t miss out on your chance to earn even more $RIVAL!

Earn $RIVAL By Playing Your Favorite Games and Referring Your Friends to the Bit Rivals App

It wouldn’t be a true Bit Rivals campaign without a way for gamers to earn $RIVAL just by playing their favorite supported Web3 and AAA titles on the Bit Rivals platform. In fact, Bit Rivals is giving gamers four different guaranteed ways to earn $RIVAL from the airdrop on the platform:

  • With the start of the new season on March 6, every player on the platform can earn 100 $RIVAL tokens for every 10,000 Rival Points they earn. It doesn’t matter what game you play, so get your grind on and start earning those Rival Points!
  • If 10,000 Rival Points sounds like light work, try climbing to the top of the Bit Rivals leaderboard. The top 20 players on the leaderboard will all earn an allocation of $RIVAL, with:
    — First place taking home $1,500 in $RIVAL.
    — Second place earning $1,000.
    — Third place getting $750.
    — Fourth place winning a cool $500.
    — Fifth place getting $250
    — And sixth through twentieth taking home $150 in $RIVAL tokens.
    Whoever said it didn’t pay to be the best?
  • If climbing the leaderboard or grinding your favorite games doesn’t suit you, you can earn an allocation of the airdrop by referring your friends to join the Bit Rivals platform. For every verified referral (when a player you refer to the app with your unique referral link reaches Level 5) you earn 100 $RIVAL. So, get your friends together for a LAN party and start earning!

What To Expect Once You’ve Earned Your $RIVAL

Once you’ve climbed the leaderboard in Galxe, Gleam, QuestN, and the Bit Rivals app, you’ll be allocated $RIVAL tokens that you will be able to claim through our token distribution portal. Players on the Bit Rivals app will be guaranteed a portion of the airdrop for their participation. In the Galxe, QuestN, and Gleam competitions, the top users will be allocated guaranteed extra rewards, and the rest will be awarded randomly amongst all participants. This airdrop is just one way we want to thank you for continuing to engage with us and be a part of our community. All airdrop tokens will be vested over 12 months.

Can’t Wait to Get Started on Getting Your Share of the Bit Rivals Airdrop?

Then be sure to check out our Galxe, Gleam, QuestN, and the Bit Rivals App to start completing the tasks and connecting your Rival ID. And keep up with all the latest news and leaderboards for our airdrop, along with all the buildup to our token launch and IDO, by joining our Discord and Telegram, and following us on our socials!

So, what are you still reading for? Go out and get your share of our 550,000 $RIVAL airdrop!