Bit Rivals Launches New Discover Page to Pave for Rapid Ecosystem Expansion

Bit Rivals
3 min readApr 19, 2024

Bit Rivals is launching our new discover page for Web3, AAA, and indie titles to be the first platform that has all kinds of game titles in one place.

Bit Rivals discover page gives the next generation of titles exclusive access to the rivalry.

Bit Rivals has officially launched its discover page, giving next generation Web3, AAA, and Indie titles exclusive access to Bit Rivals’ army of next level gamers.

TL;DR — What is the Discover Page?

The discover page is the home for the next generation Web3, AAA, and Indie titles that are soon to become player-favorites among the more than 5,000 active users on the Bit Rivals platform. Games can submit the form on the discover page, and once approved, are onboarded to the Bit Rivals platform, with priority API integrations and support to power up their play-to-earn rewards.

Once games are approved and added to the page, gamers vote each day on their favorites, with players’ favorite games climbing their way to the top of the leaderboard, giving them visibility to the entirety of the rivalry.

We’re currently accepting game listings for a limited time during our beta testing of the discover page, so games that want to be onboarded to the platform should submit their application soon if they want to impress thousands of gamers and climb their way to the top spot on our leaderboard!

If you’re already a part of the rivalry, this is your chance to empower your favorite game developers and projects by getting them integrated into our player-first platform and be a part of the platform that’s not just changing the game, but changing gaming.

How the Discover Page is Building New Gaming Infrastructure

1) We’re Empowering the Most Innovative Web3, AAA, and indie Projects to Reach the Next Generation of Play-to-Earn Gamers — Bit Rivals will be a first-of-its-kind platform that integrates all games (regardless of tech) in one place. We can integrate both traditional and web3 games. Games can integrate with the platform regardless of whether they are based on console, PC, mobile, or any other platform.

2) We’re Providing the Rivalry with Even More Ways to Earn Rewards — The discover page puts players first by adding to an already extensive catalogue of games players can grind to climb the player leaderboard while earning unrivaled Web2 and Web3 rewards.

3) We’re Building Partnerships that Pioneer the Future of Gaming — As part of the onboarding process for games added to the discover page, we’re getting to know the teams behind the next generation of innovative, player-focused titles and the revolutionary project they’re bringing to our game changing platform. These partnerships, along with future corporate sponsorships, bring even more value to the Bit Rivals community and powers up the platform to offer players an experience that’s unrivaled.

Be a Part of the Community That’s Powering the Future of Gaming

Tell your favorite Web3, indie, and AAA titles to fill out the form on our discover page to make sure their project is next in line to be integrated into our platform, and be sure to sign-up on our app to help them climb to the top of our discover page leaderboard.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter, and join or Discord and Telegram, so you can keep up with all of the latest updates and partnerships we’re using to power the future of gaming. There’s more news on the way soon, so keep your eyes peeled. For the players!