Bit Rivals Partners with 5ire to Pioneer Player-First Gaming Ahead of $RIVAL Launch

Bit Rivals
3 min readMay 1, 2024

Bit Rivals is partnering with 5ire, a revolutionary sustainable layer1 blockchain, for blockchain and project integration to pioneer play-to-earn gaming that puts the player first.

Bit Rivals has partnered with 5ire, a revolutionary, sustainable layer1 blockchain valued at over $1.5 billion, to integrate their game-changing blockchain and projects into the platform that’s not just changing the game, but changing gaming. We’re excited about what the future holds as we continue to build our network of partners and awareness of our revolutionary platform by adding another industry-leading blockchain and partner to the rivalry.

Meet 5ire: The Newest Addition to the Bit Rivals’ Squad

5ire is a first-of-its-kind, sustainability-focused blockchain valued at over $1.5 billion with investors, advisors, and partners that include GEM, a multi-billion dollar investment group, Apurva Chamaria, the Head of Partnership Solutions at Google Venture Capital, and Lori Hotz, the Co-Founder of Lobus and Former Chief Operating Officer at Barclays Investment Platform. 5ire’s focus on sustainable development through supporting for-benefit-oriented projects makes them a perfect partner for Bit Rivals’ play-to-earn Web3 ecosystem that puts power back into the hands of the players.

How 5ire is Moving Bit Rivals to the Next Level

Our partnership with 5ire will bolster our ecosystem’s long-term growth and development.

  • Access to an Industry-Leading Network of Web3 Innovators and Game Changers — From the projects hosted on its blockchain to the advisors leading 5ire’s growth and development, 5ire is a hub for innovation and growth in the Web3 ecosystem. By partnering with 5ire, Bit Rivals is being brought into the forefront of the conversation as a platform that’s revolutionizing the future of play-to-earn gaming in front of the market-makers, investors, and economic decision-makers that power successful launches.
  • Integrating Games Built on the 5ire Blockchain — 5ire offers games on its chain not only long-term value but sustainable growth and development that rewards users and investors alike. As part of our partnership with 5ire, we’re bringing those gaming projects, their users, and their investors onto our player-focused platform, increasing our visibility and growing the number of ways our players have to earn game-changing web3 and web2 rewards.
  • Awareness of Our Player-Focused Ecosystem — Through our partnership, we’ll be bringing thousands of more investors and users into the Bit Rivals ecosystem, which includes our platform, Discord, Telegram, and social media channels, making sure even more people know about the ways that Bit Rivals is pioneering the future of web3 play-to-earn gaming.

Bit Rivals Takes Yet Another Leap Forward on its Journey Towards a Successful Launch

The players are the future of play-to-earn gaming. Which is why Bit Rivals is excited to partner with 5ire as we continue to grow, develop, and perfect the web3 ecosystem that’s putting the player first, powered by the $RIVAL token.

Learn more about our one-of-a-kind, play-to-earn ecosystem by reading our litepaper and delving into our socials, Discord, and Telegram.

And don’t forget to sign up for our app to earn 100 $RIVAL for every 10,000 Rival Points you earn just by playing your favorite web3 and AAA titles.

We’ve got even more news on the way, so stay tuned for all the latest updates about the project that’s pioneering the future of web3 play-to-earn gaming. For the players!