Bit Rivals Welcomes New CMO: A Strategic Move for Growth

Bit Rivals
3 min readMay 25, 2024

Bit Rivals is adding Macey Bluebell, former Social Media Manager and Head of Events at Coin Bureau, as Chief Marketing Officer in preparation for the launch of the $RIVAL token.

In the constantly evolving world of gaming, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology, Bit Rivals is a game-changer, pushing boundaries and setting new standards for play-and-earn gaming. As part of our expansion strategy to further strengthen our market position ahead of launch, we’ve added a new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) to our team: Macey Bluebell, former Social Media Manager and Head of Events at Coin Bureau, a leading Web3 media channel with a monthly reach of more than 1.4 million people worldwide.

What Macey Brings to the Rivalry as the New CMO

Macey has a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success in the realm of Web3 digital marketing and community building. We’re excited for what the future holds for Bit Rivals with Macey leading our marketing team, including:

  • Engaging our Community of Gamers, Investors, and Web3 Enthusiasts — As the Marketing Manager at Bitget, Macey drove efforts to build strong community engagement and relationships on social and digital media channels. At Bit Rivals, she’ll be using that experience to craft strategies and content that will ensure Bit Rivals’ online community continues to thrive across all our social media channels, Discord, and Telegram.
  • Growing our Social Reach to Expand the Ranks of the Rivalry — Having grown Coin Bureau’s social media presence on TikTok organically from the ground-up to a following of more than 250,000 users, Macey knows what it takes for Web3 communities to succeed. As CMO at Bit Rivals, she’ll be growing the ranks of the Rivalry across our social media channels, raising awareness about our one-of-a-kind, AI-powered platform and bringing more gamers, investors, and Web3 enthusiasts into our play-to-earn community.
  • Translating Community Growth into Long-Term Success for the Bit Rivals Ecosystem — With a deep understanding of community management and data-driven marketing, Macey has the ability to convert our enhanced brand visibility and expanded digital community into mainstream adoption of the Bit Rivals platform across thousands of players, ensuring our ecosystem’s continued success.

What This Means for Bit Rivals

With our new CMO at the helm of the marketing operations, Bit Rivals is poised to further improve our market position as a leader in bridging the gap between traditional AAA players and the future of Web3 play-to-earn gaming. Macey’s expertise in marketing strategy, Web3 trends, and community development will be instrumental in driving user growth and retention across our social media channels and platform, cementing our project, along with the $RIVAL token, as the next Web3 powerhouse.

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